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Trolley & Bin (T&B) is a leading designer/manufacturer and supplier of waste removal containers to municipalities, private refuse removal companies, mining groups and general industry throughout Africa. It was founded in 1979 and is a successful service provider to the waste industry.

T&B joined the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa in 1982 and has been a member ever since, showing its commitment to the improvement of standards and professionalism within the industry. T&B manufacture a wide range of skips for load luggers, rear end loaders, and front end loaders, as well as containers for roll on roll off trucks and compaction trucks. Other types of containers can be custom designed to meet special client requirements.

The product range also includes wheeled steel bins, 240 litre 'wheelie bins' and tractor/trailer containers to fit a
variety of trailer systems. In addition to providing new containers T&B offer a repair service on bins/skips and
compactor containers. Currently T&B is able to manufacture more than 2500 containers per year, and can therefore offer a prompt service to meet client demands.

Containers are normally fabricated from mild steel, but can also be made from corrosion resistant steels for use in harsh environmental conditions. Many products can be supplied in a 'knocked down' kit form for ease of transportation to countries outside of SA. Full assembly instructions are supplied.


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